The local and organic food circle in Jyväskylä (Jolppi ry)

The order form is published about two weeks before the delivery day, and closed one week before the delivery day. Join the Jolppi mailing list to get notification of the orderings.

There are two delivery options: pick up from Sepänkeskus (address: Kyllikinkatu 1, Jyväskylä) or home delivery (up to 10 km from Sepänkeskus, extra cost 5 €). If you choose to pick up your order, the payment options are cash and bank transfer. If you choose home delivery, the only payment option is bank transfer.

Jolppi membership for the academic year 2022–23 costs 5 €. As a member you get all your orders without delivery cost (excluding extra cost for home delivery). Delivery cost for non-members is 1.50 € for each order. You can join through the order form ("Jäsenyys vuodelle 2022–23" = become a member, "Olen jo jäsen" = already a member, "En ole jäsen enkä liity nyt" = not a member and not joining).

The orders are binding, by filling the order form you commit to pick up and pay your order. The producers are responsible for their own products, Jolppi only acts as a middleman.

Unfortunately the order form is available only in Finnish.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us: jolppiry(a)